sab. 19 apr. gratis club :: MARGOT (live/HellYeahRec.) :: evento elettronico dell’anno – h.23


Associazione Gratis – Gratis Club Senigallia – v.le Bonopera 53 – ingresso riservato ai soci ARCI

Sabato 19 Aprile 2014

MARGOT (live-HellYeahRec.)

::evento elettronico dell’anno:: – h.23 – prevista q.ta associativa integrativa di €5

The margot dancefloor electronica project is the fortuitous coming together of kindred spirits Giaga Robot and Pepe from Riccione in the Italian province of Rimini, who in 2005 combined their respective hard-earned Italian-homegrown solo DJ and performer pedigrees to form a brave new musical alliance. A collective desire to do music “freely and without impositions” led first to the foundation of their Margot Records label as an outlet for their own idiosyncratic productions, which soon found their way en masse into the CD wallet of that eternal champion of dancefloor individuality james holden. Their free-wheeling four-track ‘France 2 EP’ debut for Border Community was margot’s deserved reward, helping to spread their 21st century Kraut-dance message across the rest of the world.

The margot live incarnation is a continuation of their determination to engage with the dancefloor on their own terms, fusing Pepe’s grade A DJ skills (acquired over ten years of service in the DJ booths of Rimini’s Cocorico, Echoes and Classic Club) with Giaga’s dynamic live versions of their original material, complete with a sprinkling of the surprisingly high-pitched vocal outpourings that the muscular Mediterranean lays bare on tracks like emo-techno anthem ‘Voici Giaga’. The success of the ‘France 2 EP’ has indeed opened the doors of Europe for these homegrown heroes, leading them on to performances everywhere from Holland to Hungary and Britain to Belarus over the past year.